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We suggest you begin with the 7 day cleanse and then use our 180 system to lose weight or maintain.  SPECIAL OFFER and the 180 Challenge just started.  https://healthyfocus.myshaklee.com/us/en/shop/healthyweight  


Joining us in the cleanse includes:
🍇Private FB support group
🥑Menu and shopping list
🍒24 hour support
🍍Healthy Recipes
🍅Clearer thinking, curb cravings, more energy
🥦Healthy Habits
🌽Jump start weight 'release' 
🥕Non toxic living




1.  SIGN UP WITH ME and let's chat about what your goals.  

   I'm so glad you are interested.  I can get it for you at $50 or if you know WHY you want to cleanse, let’s commit to your post cleanse products and I can actually get you the whole cleanse for free.  I can help you identify your goal or we have HealthPrint.  You take the quiz ( 20 questions/5 minutes) and it will pick out your products and it will do it based on your price point as well. 
2.  We'll get you plugged into a Facebook group that will be support for you 24/7 .  You can see things happening oon a day to day basis with the cleanse, how it's going and everyday someone will be sharing.  I will personally be engaged in that group as well.  They will share favorite tips, recipes, answer questions and provide such a great encouragement.   

3.  I will send you a complete grocery list to help you prepare as well.




Doing a cleanse is a fantastic way to reset your health when you’re feeling sluggish or weighed down. There are a variety of wellness products available on the market, so choosing one that’s right for you can seem daunting. Shaklee’s 7-day cleanse makes it easy to detox with a combination of supplements and a diet plan to help you kickstart your metabolism and feel more energized. And we provide a range of wellness products to help make your life healthier every day. 


5 Reasons to Try Shaklee’s 7 Day Cleanse


1. Start "releasing' weight


A cleanse is an excellent way to jump start the release of weight ( rather than lose it and then find again later) . It kickstarts your metabolism by eliminating the foods that cause inflammation while providing the nutrients you need to function optimally.




7 Day Cleanse

2. Support Digestion


Shaklee’s 7 day cleanse supports digestion with its probiotic complex, supported by a liver detox and alfalfa complex to deliver key nutrients. Healthy digestion is integral to effective weight loss.


3. Increase Energy


When your metabolism is fired up and your body is getting proper fluids and vitamins, you will feel your energy spike. Inflammatory foods like sugar and white carbs can make you feel tired and sluggish. A cleanse will reduce inflammation in the body, increasing energy.


4. Crush Cravings


Giving your body the proper vitamins, as well as plenty of fiber from fruits and vegetables will crush your sugar cravings and help you feel full. It will also help you to get in tune with your body’s signals that tell you when you’re hungry and full. 


5. Improve Sleep


Sleep is one of the most crucial factors to weight loss. When you’re not getting enough sleep, your body craves sugar and stores more fat. A cleanse helps improve the quality of your sleep by removing harmful stimulants like sugar, to help you feel both energized and rested.


With Shaklee’s gentle and simple 7 day cleanse, you’ll be able to reset your body and feel amazing while doing it. Send a message on this site or email me  healthyfocus@hotmail.com  or text 309.264.3368