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In October 2013, Heather Young opened OhmFit Activewear, a mobile boutique specializing in quality women’s fitness and leisure wear.

Heather knows the adage “dress for success” applies in what you wear to exercise in. She is convinced that fashionable and well-fitted workout wear motivates and inspires a woman’s passion for physical fitness, lifelong health and vitality.  It is this same passion that I noticed when we spent the day together at a vendor event and I knew we would be friends for life.  Heather lives life to the fullest and encourages others to do so as well. 

And that is one reason that she has chosen to carry Shaklee Nutritional Products in her boutique.  The Shaklee Difference is CLINICAL RESULTS WITHOUT COMPROMISE.  Shaklee never sacrifices for safety or efficacy.  They create safe products that do what they say.  Every single time.  


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100% Guaranteed to be safe and free from banned substances.  No artificial sweetners, or reservatives.  Gluten free.  

Performance FITNESS Pack

Performance Endurance Pack


ANYONE HAVE SORE MUSCLES???  Check out this amazing new product that is part of both packages or alone.  

PM Recovery Complex features superior, ultra-pure tart cherry extract,

rich in polyphenals and clinically tested to help reduce post-workout muscle soreness.  


How to orders:

1.  You can get some of the products off the shelves in the Boutique in Normal.

2.  Order directly from this website.  Let us know that you came through OHmFIT.  

3.  With an order of $150, you will receive a free membership ( lifetime) and if on autoship, you qualify for FREE SHIPPING.  

4.  Begin with the Healthprint.